Segmenty działalności

R22 Group offers latest services based on its own advanced IT solutions and systems in the form of subscription models or SaaS, in three business segments. (Software as a Service)




Provision of server space and electronic content maintenance services. Also sale and maintenance of Internet domains and SSL certificates based on a subscription model (H88 Group).

In the hosting segment we can distinguish three inter-dependent areas generating revenues:

  • hosting business based on co-shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers
  • sale of Internet domains and their maintenance
  • other services, so-called VAS (Value Added Services), covering, among other things, SSL certificates
Automation of multi-channel electronic communication with recipients, including marketing communication and the so-called transactional communication, i.e. communication associated with transactions, payments, deliveries, using the latest IT technologies and offered in SaaS model. Processing, analysing and using large databases with information about recipients (so-called Big Data) (Vercom Group).

Activities in the Omnichannel Communication segment are focused on providing platforms based on the SaaS model for handling, preparing, processing and automatic distribution of mobile messages (currently SMS, MMS, VMS, push) and e-mail messages. The service model used by the Vercom Group is associated with the communication volume being realized by the given customer.

In particular, provision – through a dedicated platform – of VoIP, Internet and data transmission services (Oxylion Group).
In the Telecommunications segment it is possible to point out two areas which are independent of each other in terms of products but inter-dependent in terms of business and costs:

  • Internet: access to the Internet for households and extra services, for instance, phone and TV; services are offered under Oxylion brand by radio (5 GHz technology) and fibre optic lines (PON) and copper lines (ETTH).
  • VoIP: Voice over Internet Protocol, i.e. voice transmission based on data transmission through the Internet), together with a virtual PBX, offering a number of extra services such as queuing, virtual conference rooms, etc.

Services offered by the R22 Group are used by companies, organizations and natural persons to function in the Internet and to automate modern electronic communication with customers.

The R22 Group addresses its services to retail customers, small and medium enterprises and organizations (B2C, Hosting, Telecommunications segment) as well as to large business customers (B2B, Omnichannel Communication, Hosting and Telecommunications segment).