The strategy of the R22 Group focuses on building an effective organization offering the latest services based on its own advanced IT solutions and systems in the form of subscription models or SaaS, in three business segments. Its fulfilment is possible through the development of the holding of entities operating in the areas of advanced technologies, in particular, those related to e-commerce and e-marketing. We wish to provide fully scalable services and products in all three areas (hosting, omnichannel, telecommunications) based on our own tools and solutions, on the highest technological and qualitative level.
Expansion of activities by the R22 Group in the area of advanced technologies is based on an analysis of impact of each type of activity on other ones. In particular, the Group analyses the possibility of monetization and achieving synergy in terms of products as well as operations, including co-sharing of human resources and teams, which translates into more than average growth of value of the R22 Group as a whole.
Key properties characterizing each business segment of the R22 Group is recurrence of revenues achieved on the basis of subscription agreements or sale of own products and services characterized by recurring purchases.